Julio Pintos

Julio Pintos

Creative director

The combination between a programmer and a graphic designer.

Solutions developer, looking for solids and functional systems, without losing capacity of being friendly and intuitive to users.

Entrepreneur and proactive, in a constant search for improvement and actualization that allows both personal and group growth.

Mauricio Souto

Mauricio Souto

Consultant, Analyst Developer

Team Leader, developer with a strong enjoyment for analysis and design of solutions.

Focused in users. Involved in all stages of development without losing an global overview of the problem.

Visionary, seeking constantly improvement, learning and applicability of the latest technologies.

Rodrigo Ordeix

Rodrigo Ordeix

Technical Specialist

Developer with passion for exploring and test new technologies.

Follower of good programming practices that allows sustainable architecture and adhering to international standards.

Promoter of communication with the customer, the team and the usage of agile methodologies for managing projects and improvement of the development process.